Dies, formes, dinking boards, knife tools - to list but a few of the myriad names used to describe the humble steel-rule cutter. However, regardless of what term you use for your tooling, ARROW CUTTERS can fulfil your requirements.

Since 1969, ARROW CUTTERS has manufactured an eclectic range of cutting tools - supplying clients within the Print, Plastics and Packaging industries.

In that time ARROW CUTTERS has established a reputation for excellence and innovation - in particular for manufacturing the unconventional. Whether for cutters very small or very large, for bespoke machinery, or to trim products considered impossible to die-cut - ARROW CUTTERS will find a solution.

For many years ARROW CUTTERS has recognised that the simple maxim of “one size fits all” is no longer relevant in today’s marketplace. As a result ARROW CUTTERS has evolved a dual standard of cutter specification, to provide clients with a quick and easy to understand choice.

Both standards of tooling are manufactured by our dedicated craftsmen. Both standards of tooling fulfil and surpass the basic requirement to perform the task for which they are designed. The difference lay in the materials used, the durability and complexity of design, the tolerances of manufacture, and the ergonomics of the finished tool.

And regardless of your selection, all tools are covered by ARROW CUTTERS famous, “If it doesn’t work, you don’t pay for it” no-haggle guarantee.

ADVANCED range cutters
These tools represent our no-compromise precision range of tools.

Each ADVANCED Range cutter is individually crafted by one of our skilled technicians - not manufactured on a production line basis - as used by our cheaper competitors. It is this extra attention during the manufacturing process, which maintains our policy to produce the finest cutters available.

Great care is taken to ensure exceptional build quality and minimise any tolerance variations. Each tool is specifically designed to optimise production for its particular application. Careful consideration is taken to integrate any features than will improve the efficiency of the cutter - many of which cannot be found on tooling supplied by our competitors.

ADVANCED Range cutters are available for any application, and can be specified with a range of upgrade options including: “Hi-Performance” cutting rule, laser cut baseboards, or solid aluminium baseboards.
Build quality, accuracy and longevity are the cornerstones of our ADVANCED Range cutters. As a result ADVANCED Range Cutters represent the definitive industry benchmark.
Laser cut die-board
ADVANCED standard cutter
High Performance cutter
ECONOMY Skin-pack cutter
Vacuum formed flock insert
Clicker Press cutter
Cutter refurbishment
Adjusting locator lays on skin-pack cutter
High rule preccision die cut part
1High rule with flexible joint
High rule with spot-welded joint
Aluminium base high rule die for Hot-Knife cutting
Aluminium base acoustic test tool
Pre-Formed replacement rules
RF Welded blister pack
Euroslot steel slot punch
Skin-packed products
Greetings cards
Forme for 6 page wallet
Platen or Clamshell Press
12mm label cutter
Die-cut medical products
Die-cut foil pouches
Star eject punches
Precision cut heat-resistant rubber parts
Die-cut foam parts
Die-cut foam packaging
Forged cutter*
Fabricated cutter
Clicker press
Serrated cutting rule
C-Thru transparent cutter
ECONOMY range cutters
These cutters represent our budget range of tools.
ECONOMY Range cutters are the “no frills” alternative to our ADVANCED Range.

The original concept for ECONOMY Range cutters was to offer a realistic alternative to the flood of cheaper and inferior cutters available. ECONOMY Range cutters are ideally suited to applications where the renowned longevity and precision finish of our ADVANCED Range is not required. Or for applications that are more cost sensitive or where the working life of the cutter is likely to be short.

Regardless, ECONOMY Range cutters are still manufactured by our skilled technicians. But by incorporating innovative new ideas, specifying the best value materials, removing some superfluous refinements and relaxing tolerances - ECONOMY Range Cutters provide class leading performance at a mid-range price.

Cutters for Plastics
For over 30 years, ARROW CUTTERS has been considered amongst Britain’s leading toolmakers for plastic products. A close collaboration forged with the UK’s foremost builders of vacuum forming and packaging equipment, has provided an unequalled perspective on both the machinery and the best way to optimise production performance.

Roller Press cutters
ARROW CUTTERS has an unsurpassed international reputation for manufacturing superb quality cutters for Roller Press use.
In part that reputation is because ARROW CUTTERS undoubtedly maintains the most advanced workshop facilities for producing high-rule cutters in the UK. But it is also in recognition of ARROW CUTTERS involvement, in introducing or developing almost every innovation now commonly used within this toolmaking discipline.

ARROW CUTTERS close relationship with major Roller Press manufactures has provided an unrivalled understanding of how to achieve the best results from these machines. This has promoted ARROW CUTTERS “Full Depth Knife” principal, which significantly improves upon results from poor quality “Bread and Butter” type cutters.

ARROW CUTTERS Roller Press cutters can be used to trim a wide variety of different products; from giant corrugated boxes to anti-slip laminated floor panels, and from skin-packed board to vacuum-formed mouldings.

To that end, ARROW CUTTERS stocks an eclectic range of rules, from standard height (23.80mm) up to 100mm, in a variety of different cutting aspects, to suit all Roller Press cutting applications.

However, 100mm does not represent the maximum cutting depth that can be achieved. Using various methods, ARROW CUTTERS can make dies to any depth specified – dependent only on the daylight of the press. With approximately 60cm being the deepest cut specified to date.

Auto cutters
In addition to producing cutters for Roller Press use, ARROW CUTTERS has built an enviable reputation for manufacturing cutters for high-speed in-line thermoforming machines, including: Illig, Kiefel, TFT & GN machines.

Primarily for this requirement, engineers at ARROW CUTTERS have developed many pieces of unique equipment - to accurately bend, form and crop rules up to 100mm deep.
Furthermore, ARROW CUTTERS technicians have developed the “flexible join”. A fixing between butted rules, that enables the rule to bed-in perfectly, whilst remaining in constant alignment - providing a superior alternative to “brittle” welded joins.

Hot Knife cutters
Using heat to improve cutting performance when converting plastic is now a widely accepted practice. ARROW CUTTERS has been responsible for much of the early development work in this field. From understanding how and why heat affects cutting accuracy and performance, to developing substrates and baseboards that offer high-performance alternatives to standard plywood dies.

These specialist dies, specifically designed for hot-knife cutting can be used on a variety of platen presses (both 12mm & 23.80mm height cutters are catered for.) as well as in-line thermoforming machines.

The most effective substrate for building hot-knife cutters is aluminium – as it is ideal for conducting heat, maintaining heat saturation in production and enabling accurate knife-edge temperatures. Manufacturing steel-rule cutters using one-piece aluminium baseboards has become one of ARROW CUTTERS speciality products. Whilst initially expensive to manufacture, aluminium baseboards exhibit astonishing long-life and durability – making them an ideal and cost effective solution for high volume hot-knife applications.

Pre-formed replacement blades
For clients with a high turnover of specific rule profiles, ARROW CUTTERS offer a pre-formed blade replacement service.

Rule profile templates are retained in ARROW CUTTERS archives - and can be used to fabricate rules as required, to be installed on-site by the client. This service offers the option to specify premium quality rules, without the high cost associated with transporting complete tools.

Pre-formed replacement blades can be supplied as individual blades or as welded unit.

Cutters for Packaging
ARROW CUTTERS expertise in manufacturing tooling for Packaging applications goes far beyond simply supplying cutters.
ARROW CUTTERS also supplies a variety of other packaging tooling – including blister-sealing jigs and R.F. Welding Tools. All of which can be made and tested in concert, using ARROW CUTTERS extensive in-house facilities.

Skin-Pack cutters
It is widely accepted that ARROW CUTTERS skin-pack cutters are probably the best skin-pack cutters available anywhere. Not only because of ARROW CUTTERS exceptional understanding of the equipment and its renowned reputation for building roller press cutters - but also because ARROW CUTTERS has devolved a series of unique design innovations to optimise Skin-Pack cutting.

Furthermore, ARROW CUTTERS close rapport with Britain’s premier Skin-Pack board manufacturers, means that ARROW CUTTERS can offer useful and relevant advice, right from the initial concept design stage – to project completion. Helping clients to optimise production and achieve the best possible finished results.

Skin-Pack templates
In addition to manufacturing Skin-Pack cutters, ARROW CUTTERS can also supply matched templates for positioning the items being Skin-Packed.

These templates are particularly useful when the Skin-Packing boards with a general overall pattern, and no printed sighting points. As accurate product placement can be quite difficult. ARROW CUTTERS templates ensure that each product is correctly placed, avoiding product damage and costly cutter repairs.

Skin-Pack Templates can be made in a range of configurations; from extreme lightweight designs to more robust assembles.

Cutters for Print
The vast majority of cutters used in the UK today, are used within the printing industry. And it was making cutting and creasing formes for print that first established ARROW CUTTERS reputation for excellence.

ARROW CUTTERS advanced facilities and pre-occupation with accuracy, have resulted in cutters with previously unattainable levels of accuracy. Accuracy that can be applied to the simplest carton, or the most sophisticated greetings card.

ARROW CUTTERS technicians can work from a variety of source materials, including: customer samples, scratch mock-ups, positives, negatives, plotted layouts and CAD files - to produce precision cutting formes for a range of equipment, including: Crosland, Heidelberg & Bobst.

ARROW CUTTERS maintains probably the widest range of steel cutting rules available in the UK. Stocking all standard heights of cutting rules, as well as creasing, scoring, kiss-cutting, cut-crease, deckle, ripple, jigsaw, serrated and perforating rules. ARROW CUTTERS can offer no less than thirty-five different types of creasing rule and thirty-three types of perforating rule - not to mention close to 5000 steel punches all from stock.

In addition, ARROW CUTTERS stocks an extensive range of rubber and other types of ejector, for ejecting almost any kind of product.

Label cutters
In addition to standard height cutters, ARROW CUTTERS has considerable expertise in manufacturing label process tools, in variety of rule heights from 6mm to 12mm rule.

These cutters can be supplied with the rules set into a variety of materials – commonly phenolic or Tufnol. However, for hot-knife applications, the rules can be set into an aluminium baseboard, to improve heat saturation and maintain cutter stability.

Board converters
ARROW CUTTERS supplies formes for a wide variety of board converting applications.
In addition to more traditional cutters, ARROW CUTTERS specialises in manufacturing cutters for converting more challenging materials – like millboard and MDF.

For that application ARROW CUTTERS stocks and extensive range of heavy duty rules, from 3 point to 6 point - for die-cutting apertures in 6mm millboard.

Engineering application cutters
ARROW CUTTERS provides an extensive range of tooling for specialist engineering applications. Including to die-cut re-enforced rubber compounds, thermo metamorphic plastics, polymer mesh, thin aluminium sheet, flexible resin components and even dimensionally unstable materials.

Each material requires specialist knowledge, much of which has been gathered from years of specialist R&D work.
These cutters can also be designed to work in conjunction with a wide variety of other tooling – some of which ARROW CUTTERS can also produce. For instance cutters that need to work in conjunction with dedicated thermo-forming tooling. Or tooling that requires matching machining jigs.

In addition ARROW CUTTERS wide range of in-house converting, moulding and testing equipment offers the option to test and evaluate tooling without the need to disrupt clients own production facilities.

Gasket cutters
ARROW CUTTERS offers a full range of tooling options for manufacturing gaskets in a range of different materials, including: Neoprene, Cork and Aluminium.

ARROW CUTTERS vast stock of steel punches – in excess of 5000, in 21 different profiles. Plus literally hundreds of special profile punches from keyholes to euroslots, means that ARROW CUTTERS can offer instant off-the-shelf options.

In addition, ARROW CUTTERS in-house die-cutting facilities, provide clients with the option to purchase tooling supplied with samples for easy evaluation, or even order short production runs.

Foam & rubber cutters
ARROW CUTTERS has considerable expertise in making cutters for die-cutting Foam and Rubber materials. ARROW CUTTERS retains a considerable stock of super-sharp long-bevel and special profile serrated rules especially for this application. And has developed special profile rules in conjunction with some of the foremost names in rule manufacture, especially to die-cut some of the new generation Foam Composite Boards.

At ARROW CUTTERS we appreciate that perfect joins are essential for producing good quality Foam and Rubber products. And have developed specialist equipment to guarantee perfect joins at all rule intersections.

In addition, ARROW CUTTERS has developed welding techniques for high-rule foam dies, to maintain join integrity – reducing snagging and tearing of the finished product.

ARROW CUTTERS high-rule foam cutters produce a better finish on thick or firm foams, and reduce the concave effect when foam is compressed during the die-cutting process.

Foam compression tools
A by-product of our work in developing cutters for the textile industry has been the development of Foam Compression tools, to adhere fabric or hide, to layers of foam backing.

Over the last 20 years, we have evolved tooling for this application significantly. Selecting materials that are not adversely affected by the heat and pressure used. Materials that are also resistant to spray adhesives. In addition, ARROW CUTTERS has also developed special profile rules to optimise the process – both for bar welds and stitch effect welds.

Our most recent tools now also incorporate methods to allow the product to be moved from one tool to another, whilst maintaining precise location. This allows for motif welding, bar welding and die-cutting all to be performed with absolute precision.

Textile cutters
ARROW CUTTERS has an established track record in making tools to die-cut fabric and other flexible woven materials.
Essential to that reputation has been the manufacture of cutters with perfect joins, essential to eliminate snagging and tears.

In addition, we retain a supply of specialist profile cutting rules specifically for this application. Including serrated rules and also zigzag rules that reproduce the pattern of pinking shears.

Leather goods cutters
Although converters have traditionally preferred Forged cutters, as opposed to steel rule dies for trimming leather, ARROW CUTTERS has a well established reputation for making high quality dies for this application.

For those clients who need to precisely place the cutter on the hide, and claim that a steel rule die cannot perform this task – we have developed the C-Thru cutter range of transparent cutters. (see below).

ARROW CUTTERS has designed tooling for a multitude of press types – from clicker presses to fully automated travelling head machines.
These dies work equally well converting natural products like hide, splits and suede, as they do with man-made materials like leatherette and alcantara. Equally the dies can be designed to cope with thick or tough materials. For which ARROW CUTTERS stocks an extensive range of serrated and heavy-duty cutting rule.

In addition, ARROW CUTTERS retains sizable stocks of back clearing and side eject punches especially for this application. We even hold limited stock of a range of specialist punches for either half cut work or for embossing.

Finally, for those clients who require the service, we can also provide a die-cutting service for making samples or a limited production run.

C-Thru cutters
ARROW CUTTERS unique range of transparent cutters is designed to offer the operator a completely unrestricted view through the cutting tool.

C-Thru cutters are made using a special grade – optically clear acrylic plastic. Which is stronger and more robust than a standard steel rule die.

Like any conventional steel-rule cutter, C-Thru cutters can be easily reknifed when blunt, and so offer a cheap and long-lived alternative to expensive Forged cutters.

* Image of premium quality tooling kindly supplied courtesy of Pioneer Dietecs Corp. Weymouth, MA. USA
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