In addition to its diverse range of cutters, dies and formes - ARROW CUTTERS manufactures an extensive range of complimentary tooling for plastics and packaging related applications.

Vacuum-Forming Tools
For twenty-five years, ARROW CUTTERS has been manufacturing quality Vacuum-Forming Tools. Ranging from basic resin tools for sample-making, to sophisticated water-cooled pressure-forming tools, for high-speed in-line machines.

Today, ARROW CUTTERS toolroom works on a wide variety of applications. On one hand, building tools for military and aerospace projects. Whilst on the other developing moulds for medical and engineering applications.

It is no longer the case that the majority of ARROW CUTTERS tools are built solely for packaging applications.

Today ARROW CUTTERS makes tools to mould a whole range of exotic materials. And as a result, each and every tool is an exercise in innovation.

ARROW CUTTERS craftmen still craft patterns from wood and resin, but increasingly, there is a requirement to use CAD within the design process. And whilst casting is still used to produce the final moulds.

There is now a growing need to machine moulds from solid, using CNC technology.ARROW CUTTERS can provide all this and more. From the simplest resin prototype to the most sophisticated machined tool.

Plug tools
If required ARROW CUTTERS can supply bespoke plug tools, to work in conjunction with any Vacuum Forming tool.
These units can be as simple or sophisticated as the client requires. From basic wood frames to profiled tools with velvet or felt gloves on all contact surfaces.

Stacker units
Specifically for those companies using in-line thermoformingequiptment, ARROW CUTTERS manufactures bespoke blister stacking units. Technical innovations - born from years of development, means that our simple and straight forward Stacker Unit designs, often work more efficiently than those supplied by our competitors.

Machining & routing jigs
For Thermoforming companies that rout, rather than die-cut their mouldings, ARROW CUTTERS can supply bespoke profiled Machining Jigs. Suitable for a variety of equipment, these Jigs can be built to any specification, ranging from simple clamshell designs, to sophisticated vacuum-assisted jigs.

Radio-Frequency Welding Tools
With our extensive involvement in tooling for plastics, allied to the manufacturing similarities between Radio-Frequency (R.F.) Welding Tools and cutting dies, it is hardly surprising that ARROW CUTTERS has carved out a commendable reputation for building quality R.F. Welding Tools.

Over the last fifteen years ARROW CUTTERS has manufactured tooling for a wide spectrum of applications, from simple wallets and ring-binders in flexible PVC, to welded slip-cases incorporating vacuum formed parts, R.F. Welded blister packs and M.A.P. sealed food packaging.

With our established track record in R&D projects, ARROW CUTTERS has repeatedly integrated new ideas and concepts into its R.F. Tools, making them both technically advanced, but also easy to use in an everyday environment. All this, and still maintaining the high standards set by Radyne Ltd.

Heatsealing Jigs (blister sealing jigs)
ARROW CUTTERS has been manufacturing Heatsealing Jigs since the early 1970’s, and through its association with all of Britain’s premier packaging machinery builders, developed an unparalleled understanding of the tooling requirements for this process.

ARROW CUTTERS technicians are responsible for every major innovation in Heatsealing Jig technology – from cushioned non-stick sealing trims, to the development of heat-resistant plastic locator pins. As a result, ARROW CUTTERS Heatsealing Jigs are the industry benchmark.

ARROW CUTTERS manufacture Heatsealing Jigs for all types of blister sealing equiptment. From the most basic manual Formech machines, to advanced semi-automatic Alloyd machines.

Compatible with a wide variety of manufacturers specifications, ARROW CUTTERS Heatsealing Jigs can be supplied in various styles. Including with aluminium faces – although we would recommend otherwise, automatic ejectors, even dedicated loading and unloading units for fully automatic machines.

As with ARROW CUTTERS extensive range of cutters and dies, ARROW CUTTERS Heatsealing Jigs are available as two alternative standards. ADVANCED Range Heatsealing Jigs are made using premium materials, with wipe-clean surfaces and unparalleled build quality for demanding working conditions. Whilst less sophisticated ECONOMY Range Heatsealing Jigs are available for clients who require tooling for light/occasional use, or who are working with restricted budgets.

In addition to conventional Heatsealing Jigs, ARROW CUTTERS also builds Heatsealing Jigs for pharmaceutical and medical applications. Designed specifically for clean-room conditions - these are robust tools machined from solid alloy.

All Heatsealing Jigs manufactured by ARROW CUTTERS benefit from our long-term back-up service. Providing off-the-shelf replacement heat seal trims, not to mention ARROW CUTTERS full range of DIY Heatsealing Jig repair products.

Polypropylene cutting boards
ARROW CUTTERS Polypropylene Cutting Boards are manufactured using a special “hard” formula that is ideal for use with Roller Press cutters. They retain all the qualities of standard Polypropylene cutting boards, but resist surface break-up that is common in poorer quality products.

Supplied as individual boards 24”x 36”x 6mm thick.

PVC cutting boards
ARROW CUTTERS PVC Cutting Boards are manufactured from ultra-dense polymer, and are ideal for use when die-cutting thick or dense plastic on a Roller Press.

Supplied as individual boards 24” x 36” x 6mm thick.

Currently unavailable.

Euroslot hand punch
This handy desktop punch – much like a standard hole-punch, is designed to produce a Euroslot profile (32mm x 6.5mm x 9mm) in card or plastic up to 1.5mm thick. Ideal for sample making or for producing small quantities, this hand punch has an adjustable back stop and side lay for precise positioning of the product.

High performance impact adhesive
This specially formulated glue can be used for a variety of tasks from sticking ejection rubber and replacing rubber seals on vacuum-forming machines, to adhering trims to Heatsealing Jigs.

This fast drying, single-part, impact adhesive is thermo-stable up to 220°c.

Supplied in 250ml sealed canisters.

PTFE-cork laminate
ARROW CUTTERS PTFE-Cork Laminate is the ideal material for use as a blister seal trim. The non-stick flexile PTFE surface resists wear, and provides a firm seal surface that will not mark blister cards. Whilst the cork substrate provides a cushion, that will accommodate any major variations in the geometry between the jig surface and the seal-head.

Supplied in sheets 20cm x 20cm

Self-contained locator pins or "lays"
ARROW CUTTERS Self-Contained Locator Pins are specifically designed to position blister cards during heatsealing.

They are made of heat resistant plastic, and will withstand temperatures up to 300 °C. They are easy to use and maintain, and fit precisely into a half-inch diameter hole. Because they are a perfect friction fit in a half-inch diameter hole, they can be depressed below the Jig surface to reduce the height of the pin if required.

These pins are a marked improvement on the metal alternatives, as they are self-lubricating and resist being damaged by any unintentional horizontal impacts. In addition, because they are plastic, they will not mark or score the heated platen as is common with metal pins.

Supplied in boxes of 100 units.


Make-ready tape
Make-Ready tape is specifically designed for application to the underside of cutting formes to bolster the height of under-performing cutting rules. 

ARROW CUTTERS stocks “SURE-SHIM” stainless steel self-adhesive make-ready tape - reputedly the best make-ready tape available.

Supplied in spools of 10 metres - in an easy to use dispenser.
PRODUCT CODE: 0.03mm – ACL107
PRODUCT CODE: 0.05mm – ACL108

Vacuum-formed transit tray
Yelutong pattern
Vacuum-formed CD case

Basic R.F. Welding tool
R.F. Welded blister packaging
R.F. welded slip-case with vacuum formed insert
Blister packed toys

2 Station rotary blister sealing machine
Alloyd style blister sealing jig

Polypropylene cutting boards
Euroslot hand punch
High performance impact adhesive
Die-Cut PTFE/Cork trims & locator lays
Plastic self contained locator pins
Brass self contained locator pins

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